How long is probation with Republic airlines?

Answer Employees at Republic Airways become eligible for some perks of their employment, such as free air travel, immediately upon beginning work. Other employee benefits, such as health insurance, do no... Read More »

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How long is probation for an underage DUI in Tennessee?

A minor aged 16-21 will have his driver's license suspended for one year and receive a fine of $250 for a first offense Underage Driving While Impaired conviction, according to Tennesee law.Referen... Read More »

How long do you have to go to college to be a probation officer?

To become a probation or parole officer you have to obtain a four-year bachelor's degree in either criminal justice, psychology, social work or a related field. There are some positions, particular... Read More »

How long does a parole officer have to revoke a probation?

A parole officer does not have the authority to revoke probation. A judge makes the decision to revoke a person's probation after the accused is given a hearing where he can argue in his defense ag... Read More »

What can a probation officer do if you violate probation?

If you violate probation, a probation officer can send you to a judge for punishment, or just issue a warning, according to Expert Law. Probation officers generally have discretion in how to handle... Read More »