How long is pork good once it is thawed?

Answer From text/food/unwelcome-dinner/dinguest.html How Long Will It Keep? Following is a rundown of storage guidelines for some of the foods that are regulars on America... Read More »

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How long is pork sausage good after it has been frozen and thawed in the fridge?

On One Hand: Pork Sausage in the FreezerPork sausage is considered a fresh sausage by the United States Department of Agriculture for purposes of determining how long it can be safely stored. Uncoo... Read More »

How long can thawed pork be in refrigerator before going bad?

How long can thawed raw marinated pork stay in the refrigerator?

It would be best to leave it for 2 days or less. Marination means flavor, but take care not to overindulge or you have rotten pork.

How long is frozen cooked pork good in refrigerator?