How long is one centimeter?

Answer it is about the width of a paper clip i know cause its in my math book.

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I am 75 percent effaced half a centimeter dilated and 39 weeks roughly how long until I go into labor?

same as you! Hang in there. I am exactly where you are and ready for the baby to be here. These contractions are killing me. There is no way really to tell when you will go into labor. It could be ... Read More »

I am 36 weeks pregnant and 1 centimeter dilated How long till real labor starts?

Probably another five weeks, especially if this is your first child.

Help! My brother got hit in the head and had about a centimeter long bump on his head.?

How many inches are in a centimeter?

There are approximately .3937 inches in 1 centimeter. This means that to convert inches to centimeters, you divide the measurement by .3937. For example, to calculate how many centimeters in 10 inc... Read More »