Is mono contagious?

Answer Once someone gets mono, the virus stays in that person's body for life. But this doesn't mean that if you've had mono you are always contagious. Over time, the virus becomes less contagious. Eventu... Read More »

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Is my mono still contagious?

Most people are already carriers of the virus that causes mono. And if he got sick that quickly it is not because you gave him mono. You are right. It was too soon.

I have mono, how long until...?

You're asking very good questions. Good for you!"I feel like he might be carrying it, but he just doesn't have any symptoms; I read that that's very common." -- Here's some history. There are 2... Read More »

How long is chicken pox contagious?

Chickenpox is highly contagious for those who are not immune or have not been vaccinated. Someone can pass along the chicken pox virus up to 48 hours before the characteristic rash appears. You are... Read More »

How long is the rotavirus contagious?

Rotavirus can live on hands for four hours, surfaces for up to 10 days, and on wet areas it can keep multiplying. You can get the rotavirus from someone else for up to a week. Washing hand with an... Read More »