How long is it till a new born baby sees?

Answer They can actually see from birth, but their vision is limited, they can only see up very close, their vision will expand as the days and weeks go on.

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When you're pegnant can you have all the sex you want till the baby is born?

Answer yes, its good for you, wife and i had sex the day our baby was born

How long after the baby dropped till you go into labour?

Took me a few weeks from the baby dropping until contractions picked up... & i still ended up being induced.

When a baby is being born how long does it take to come out?

My labor was 16 hours long. Even though that was my first child, most people take days if its natural from not knowing how to push correctly. It's all about your butt. You have to push as if you we... Read More »

How long is the esophagus of a new born baby?

About 8-10 cm. This length doubles throughout the first three years after birth.