How long is it going to take Microsoft to defeat Yahoo?

Answer If they really wanted to, it would take about 30 seconds.

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Will you stop using Yahoo! if Microsoft buys Yahoo!?

Most likely. I DESPISE microsuck with a passion (I say as I'm using windows). I've had so many problems with it, and everything it touches turns to crap. After I got my Zune (as a gift - I would ne... Read More »

How to Defeat Long Gui?

Long Gui has the highest health of any enemy in "Final Fantasy XIII." He also has attacks that can hit your entire party. Long Gui shows up after you complete 62 missions. He replaces all of the Ad... Read More »

Microsoft bid to buy yahoo.?

I read that early this mornin. I doubt it will cut down on the spammers n bulk mailers.What I think it will do is take away Yahoo being free. Everyone else is doing it n my guess is that is the pla... Read More »

How do I set up Microsoft Outlook with Yahoo?

Configure Microsoft Outlook 2002 or 2003 to Connect to Your Yahoo! EmailOpen Outlook. Go to the "Tools" menu; select "Email Accounts." Click the "Add a New Email Account" radio button, then click "... Read More »