How long is it going to take Microsoft to defeat Yahoo?

Answer If they really wanted to, it would take about 30 seconds.

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Doesn't Microsoft have enough angry customers Why take over Yahoo?

I don't know... maybe they'll fire the "mediators" and hire some people who know how to work.

How long will it take for Yahoo Messenger to download?

The download time for Yahoo Messenger varies, directly depending on the download speed of the Internet connection used. Yahoo Messenger, being roughly 20mb, will take roughly 20 seconds on an Inter... Read More »

Will you stop using Yahoo! if Microsoft buys Yahoo!?

Most likely. I DESPISE microsuck with a passion (I say as I'm using windows). I've had so many problems with it, and everything it touches turns to crap. After I got my Zune (as a gift - I would ne... Read More »

How long does it usually take for a crazy Yahoo stalker to stop stalking?

I'm working on my first novel now, it's called "The Yahoo Answers Stalker Survival Guide" It should be on shelves by Christmas but I'll give you a tip from my book"the typical yahoo stalker will th... Read More »