How long do I cook a frozen beef pot roast?

Answer A pot roast can be cooked directly from the freezer in a crock pot or oven set to 250 degrees F for two to three hours per pound, 10 to 12 hours Crock Pot RoastAsktheMeatMan... Read More »

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How long is a frozen, smoked turkey good for?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, as long as the turkey is kept frozen continuously, turkey products can be kept indefinitely. Thawing your smoked turkey sooner maintains t... Read More »

How long is frozen cooked pork good in refrigerator?

How long does frozen shrimp stay good?

In a 0 degree Fahrenheit freezer, shrimp will be good for 12 months, according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension office. You can freeze cooked or raw shrimp. Shrimp will last longer if frozen r... Read More »

How long does frozen flaky pastry stay good for?

18 months or longer, I have a pack in my freezer that was bought at christmas and I didnt get round to using, and the best before date is may 2014 so yours should be ok for at least another year! R... Read More »