How long is fresh fish good in the freezer?

Answer You can store frozen foods indefinitely, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. However, the quality of food will deteriorate over time. For fish, you will need to determine its quality b... Read More »

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How long does fresh fish stay fresh in the refrigerator after being frozen?

How long does frozen fish last in the freezer?

When sealed properly and stored at a temperature of 0 degrees F (-18 C) or lower, shellfish, smoked fish and fatty fish such as salmon can be stored in the freezer for three to four months. Leaner ... Read More »

SUSHI IS GROSS!! My Friend Sells Fresh FISH, you can SEE worms in fresh fish meat.?

I hate to admit it because I love Sushi but its true!... There is a slight risk of contracting a parasitic infection when consuming sushi, but there are many other unspoken risks as well. Primarily... Read More »

How long can you store fish&meat in the freezer?

Meat storage safety times depend on the type of meat. Hamburgers, veal, pork and lamb keep for three to four months versus steaks, which have a freezer shelf life of six to 12 months. Chicken and t... Read More »