How long is fever with strep?

Answer It probably isn't acne. Take him/her to a doctor - she may have eczema or another skin disorder.

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Can you have strep with no fever or signs?

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Your child has strep infection with a 103.3 temperature should you be worried about the high fever?

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How long are you contagious with strep throat after you have had an injection of rocephin 500mg?

You should avoid going to work or out & about in the public for at least 2 days, 3 if you wish to be extra cautious.

How Long Does The Average Fever Last With No Antibiotics?

You are taking ibuprofen which is a NSAID (reduces fever also aling with pain, inflammation). Duration of fever : Fever lasting for more than 4-7 days is rarely due to self limiting viral illness ... Read More »