How long is each of the three stages of pregnancy?

Answer 1st trimester: 0-12 weeks (so 12 weeks)2nd trimester: 13-28 weeks (so 15 weeks)3rd trimester: 29-40 weeks (so 11 weeks)

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What are the stages of a horse pregnancy?

I t is the same as a human pragnice but only 2 months longer..about 11 months Hey, The baby horse goes through a lot of stages. First is the early term. The early term lasts for 100 days, starting... Read More »

How to get rid of the pregnancy in the early stages?

talk to a doctor about having a medical abortion.its a pill you take and it kills the might experience some bleeding and abdominal pain.

How to Understand the Stages of Pregnancy?

In developed countries, there are many opportunities to learn about the stages of pregnancy such as antenatal classes for expectant parents. The quality of information varies widely and fortunately... Read More »

Stages of a Large Dog's Pregnancy?

Large dogs, such as golden retrievers and malamutes, have a few differences in their reproductive and pregnancy cycles compared to smaller dogs. Large dogs do not have their first heat until they a... Read More »