Who plays the lead CIA agent in Burn After Reading?

Answer The CIA was created in 1947 to replace the WWII OSS, as it was now the Cold War, and correct intelligence information was essential in maintaining the security of the US Curiously, it was signed i... Read More »

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How long should it burn to pee after having a baby?

I'm not sure but squirting "the area" while urinating will help.

Why do my eyes hurt after reading?

"...i can see everything very clearly so why would i need glasses "That's the key point.Because glasses can often help with other things than sharpness, including fatigue symptoms.Your symptoms rai... Read More »

Activities After Reading the Children's Book "One Fine Day"?

Nonny Hogrogian's "One Fine Day" is the story of a thirsty fox who steals water from an elderly woman. She then cuts of his tail and sends him on an adventure leading him to trade items with variou... Read More »

I still need reading glasses after my lasik surgery, WHY?

There are a number of factors. One could be your age. Many people who have 20/20 vision cannot see fine print up close and therefore need reading glasses to help them read. The older you get, th... Read More »