How long is an open can of ragu good for?

Answer On One Hand: Not After Seven DaysThe Ragú website advocates not consuming any sauce if the container has been unsealed for seven days or more. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the expir... Read More »

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What sauce is better prego or ragu?

Prego is better, but I feel that making your own is a whole lot better and not hard at all. You can find great recipes for all types of sauces on

I cut open my cyst and drained it. Would it be a good idea to apply hydrogen peroxide to the open cut?

Do not apply peroxide,it will not help. Use neosporin.

How long can opened real guava juice be good in good temperatiure ?

I'd suggest you don't drink it. You can only keep it for 3day usually in the fridge. If it wasn't in the fridge, it will be worse.

How to Open a Good Bar?

Anyone with enough money can open a bar, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be successful. An extraordinary amount of planning and attention to detail is needed to ensure that your bus... Read More »