How long is an official passport good for?

Answer A United States passport is valid for 10 years for passport holders who are at least 16 years old when the passport was issued. For passport holders under age 16, the document is valid for five yea... Read More »

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How long is a passport good?

A passport from the United States is good for 10 years for individuals older than 16 and is good for five years for individuals who are 15 years old and younger.Source:U.S. State Department: Passpo... Read More »

Does Malaysia's official passport need a visa to enter China?

Holders of Malaysian passports are required to obtain a visa prior to entering China. With the exception of citizens of three Asian countries who may be granted 15-day, visa-free visits to China, c... Read More »

How long is an official volleyball net&court?

According to the USA Volleyball Rule Book, the playing court on a volleyball court is 59 feet long and is surrounded by a free zone which is nine feet, 10 inches wide on all sides. The net is 31 fe... Read More »

How long is an official shuffleboard table?

The length of an indoor shuffleboard table can be any even number between 12 to 22 feet; most regulation boards are 22 feet long. It should be 30 inches off the ground and no more than 20 inches wi... Read More »