How long is an eviction notice valid in Colorado?

Answer Prior to obtaining a court order, the landlord must post written notice to the tenant informing him of the violation to the lease. The tenant then has three days, starting the day after the notice ... Read More »

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How Long Can I Fight an Eviction Notice in Pennsylvania?

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How long does an eviction take in colorado?

Colorado tenant rights laws state that in some situations a landlord can write a letter instructing the tenants to vacate the premises within 3 days. After the 3 days the landlord can then request ... Read More »

How to Serve an Eviction Notice?

When you want to evict a tenant, there are specific laws you must follow during the eviction process. The first step involves serving the tenant with an eviction notice. Local laws govern specifics... Read More »

Eviction Notice Information?

When confronted with problem tenants, landlords, by law, cannot create self help remedies to force a tenant to vacate their property. To reclaim use of their property landlord's must undertake the ... Read More »