How long is an epidural needle?

Answer Its 3-5 inches long

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If you've had an epidural, what are the downsides (bad side-effects) of an epidural steroid spinal injection?

The side effects is that you are being injected with a steroid so it's a bone thinner in the long run depending on how many you get. The day after, I may be flushed beat red and have a very tender ... Read More »

How long should you experience side effects from an epidural?

I received an Epidural shot for back pain today, will it work in the long run?

It worked for me. I felt better the next day. I was almost pain free after one week. I didn't need more than one shot.Some people need 3 shots. A Dr. will not give more than 3 shots about 2 weeks a... Read More »

How long did it take to build the Space Needle?

The Space Needle was built for the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle, Washington. The structure took nine month to construct and was completed in December 1961. The attraction cost $4.5 million.Source:S... Read More »