How long is alcohol detectable by urinalysis?

Answer Urine tests can detect the presence of alcohol for up to 80 hours after the last alcoholic drink. Urinalysis tests cannot tell the quantity of alcohol people drank, but it will tell if they drank r... Read More »

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How long is alcohol detectable in system for urine analysis?

Depends on how much you drank, how much you weight, and your height.

Is alcohol detectable in urine?

Alcohol can remain in urine anywhere from 24 to 48 hours from time of last consumption, depending on a variety of factors. This includes metabolic rate, the individual and the amount of alcohol con... Read More »

Does alcohol show on a urinalysis test?

Alcohol use can be tested for in several ways: breath, mouth swab, and urinalysis. Unlike some other drugs, alcohol use must be fairly recent to show up in urinalysis. The window of detection varie... Read More »

How long is winstrol detectable in the system?

According to, if you do not want Winstrol, a steriod, to be detected in your system, discontinue use two to three weeks before expected testing. takes a different... Read More »