How long is active duty navy enlistment?

Answer According to, your enlistment period after boot camp can range from two to six years, depending on your assigned career. However, you can generally reenlist at the end of your period.Sourc... Read More »

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Can you go from airforce active duty to navy active duty?

With few special exceptions, no. You would have to complete your Air Force contract first. As for the exceptions, we'd be talking about something like attending and completing BUD/S as an Air Forc... Read More »

How long would you stay at one duty station Army Active Duty?

There's really no definite answer for this. The Army moves personnel around as needed, and there isn't a set pattern to it.

What are facts about the navy active duty?

The jobs in the Navy are pretty diverse. You could do anything from working as a cook, cutting hair, doing laundry, fixing electronics, working on weapons systems, navigation, radio, and repairs o... Read More »

What is the oldest active duty ship in the US Navy?

"Old Iron Sides" The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned US Naval vessel. Which is still active.