How long is a yard in fabrics?

Answer One yard of fabric is 36 inches in length. The width measurement varies from fabric to fabric. When measuring for a sewing project, you should take into consideration inches that may be lost to fol... Read More »

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How long will a solar yard light last?

Solar lights contain a photovoltaic panel, an LED and one or two rechargeable batteries. LEDs can last for 11 years. Rechargeable batteries slowly lose the ability to hold a full charge. After two... Read More »

I feel really dumb asking this but i need to know, how long is a yard?

You're right--3 feet, or 36 inches (1 meter is about 39 inches).

How long does a yard measure in fabric?

Fabric is sold in stores in the unit of yards, but you may buy any increment of a yard. A yard of fabric measures 3 feet or 36 inches long.References:Everything Sewing: Fabric Measurements

How long do yard machine tires last?

Whether it is a tire on a lawn mower or other type of yard machine, tires should not be kept on the vehicle for more than seven years. The rubber dries out and rots from the inside on the sidewalls... Read More »