How long is a toilet roll?

Answer On average, a roll of standard toilet paper has 450 sheets or squares per roll. This would be equal to 164 feet in length. Some rolls may be smaller or larger, but this seems to be the average size... Read More »

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How long is a roll of toilet paper?

The exact length of a roll of toilet paper varies by brand, size of sheets and number of sheets. For instance, a basic big roll of Charmin toilet paper contains 308 sheets at 4 inches long, making ... Read More »

How long does a toilet roll last in your bathroom. We manage one a day between two of us.?

You are doing fine. Many people don't wipe after they wee and just let the panty do the wiping up. Disgusting. Keep the roll spinning, I say.

Should the leading edge of a roll of toilet paper go down the outside of the roll?

The toilet tissue should pull from the outside of the roll.If you have guests coming you can take the outside of the roll and make a "v" shape with the first sheet, looks really nice.Just fold the... Read More »

When you replace your toilet paper you bring it over the top or behind the roll?

Over the top, of course! Same with paper towels!