How long is a power of attorney valid?

Answer A power of attorney is valid until death unless the grantor revokes it, a court revokes or modifies it, or it was specifically limited in duration.Source:Law Guru

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How long is a power of attorney valid in California?

If no time period is specified when the power of attorney is first established in California, it will remain in effect until it is revoked or until its underlying issues are fully resolved. If a ti... Read More »

Is a power of attorney valid after death?

A power of attorney, a legal document that gives one person (the agent) the right to act on behalf of another (the principal) expires when the principal dies, becomes incapacitated or revokes his a... Read More »

How long is a power of attorney good?

A power of attorney is good until the principal--the person who has an agent--dies or revokes it. As such, a power of attorney isn't a substitute for a will.Source:Legal Services for the Elderly

If you have power of attorney over a baby can you sign that power over to someone else?

No. Generally, a parent executes a power of attorney in order to give another adult the authority to make decisions for their child for only a short period such as when the child will be in the car... Read More »