How long has solar power been available?

Answer Solar energy has been in use since the seventh century, when glass and mirrors were being used to start fires. The first solar cell capable of creating a significant amount of energy was created in... Read More »

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How long is a power of attorney valid?

A power of attorney is valid until death unless the grantor revokes it, a court revokes or modifies it, or it was specifically limited in duration.Source:Law Guru

How long does power steering fluid last?

Either amber or pinkish-red in color, power steering fluid in a car is designed to keep the car's steering mechanism moving smoothly under varying conditions and temperatures. Both the manufacturer... Read More »

How long is a power of attorney good?

A power of attorney is good until the principal--the person who has an agent--dies or revokes it. As such, a power of attorney isn't a substitute for a will.Source:Legal Services for the Elderly

How long is your ideal nap/power sleep?

I do not feel guilty about taking naps. Sleep, even a nap, helps enhance my own information processing and learning. A mid-day nap reverses information overload. Short naps (30 minutes to one ho... Read More »