Can a 1000-watt PC power& cooling power supply unit power three 8800 GTX units?

Answer A 1000-watt power supply will drive three NVidia GeForce 8800GTX video cards with room to spare, since they consume approximately 247 watts of power each. You may want to consider separately power... Read More »

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How long are batteries on power wheels?

If parents pay attention to charging and upkeep, a battery for a child’s Power Wheels vehicle can last between one year and three years depending on how often the child uses the vehicle.Reference... Read More »

How long is a power of attorney valid?

A power of attorney is valid until death unless the grantor revokes it, a court revokes or modifies it, or it was specifically limited in duration.Source:Law Guru

How long is a power of attorney good?

A power of attorney is good until the principal--the person who has an agent--dies or revokes it. As such, a power of attorney isn't a substitute for a will.Source:Legal Services for the Elderly

How long is school for a power lineman?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the length of schooling to become a power lineman, also known as an electrical power-line installer and repairer, can be a one-year certification progra... Read More »