How long is a notary seal valid?

Answer A notary seal affixed to a document does not expire. The commission of a notary, however, does expire and must be renewed every seven years. The expiration date stamped with the seal is this expira... Read More »

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How long can a notary seal be operated?

Notary seals typically expire when a notary's appointment also expires; the seal itself generally contains the expiration date. The length of a notarial appointment varies from state to state, thou... Read More »

Is a Nebraska notary valid in Kansas?

A Nebraska notary is not valid in Kansas; the only notary seal accepted in the state is that of a Kansas notary. Nebraska residents who conduct business in Kansas on a regular basis or work in Kans... Read More »

How to Get a Public Notary Seal in Chicago?

When you sign a legal document it is often required to have a notary public seal or stamp, as it acknowledges an official public servant witnessed you signing the document and that you understand a... Read More »

Notary Public Seal Requirements?

The public seal of a notary is a recognized mark that the notary is an officer of the state qualified to provide the services being rendered. There are a variety of types of seals or stamps and eac... Read More »