How long is a nerve block effective for pain?

Answer On One Hand: Nerve Blocks Offer Temporary ReliefA nerve block is an anesthetic injection which targets a specific location in the body to "turn off" pain receptors and provide temporary relief from... Read More »

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How long do anti depressants such as Venlaxine take to help control nerve pain?

They can take up to six weeks to feel the effects. And sometimes they don't work at all. Give it more time, and do what your doctor tells you to do--don't just stop the drugs because you think they... Read More »

Is pain & numbness from a pinched nerve a sign that injury is more severe than just same intensity pain alone?

I don't know where your injury is, but, for instance if you have a pain down the back of your leg, you could have sciatica, where a nerve in your lower back is being pinched. That is the pain and t... Read More »

Is nerve tonic effective?

On One Hand: Nerve Tonic Is Safer Than Prescribed DrugsNerve tonic is a homeopathic remedy that alleviates the effects of everyday stress, anxiety and nervous tension. Nerve tonics from most pharma... Read More »

Femoral Sciatic Nerve Block Procedures?

Doctors may perform femoral nerve block or sciatic nerve block surgical procedures to treat patients with pain and irritation from entrapped nerves. These procedures benefit many patients and have ... Read More »