How long is a lien good on an auto title in Michigan?

Answer In Michigan, a financed car will have a lien-holder notated on the title, which is then filed at the Secretary of State Department of Motor Vehicles. The listed lien-holder remains on the title unt... Read More »

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How to Change an Indiana Auto Title Into an Ohio Auto Title?

New state residents or residents buying a car from out of state need to obtain an auto title in the car owner's state of residence. For example, an Indiana resident with an Indiana auto title needs... Read More »

How long is a mechanic's lien good for?

A mechanic's lien is valid for two years from the date that the work was performed. After two years, the lien holder must move to foreclose on the property to collect the debt.Source:Sac law

How Long Is a Judgment Lien Good for in Florida?

A judgment lien is placed on you or your property if you owe money to a person or entity, and that entity sues you, then wins the case. A lien is a legal document that states that you owe money, an... Read More »

How long is a claim of lien good in Florida for home owner's association fees?

You can work with your attorney to refile the lien before it expires. Every state law is different in this regard.