How long is a foreclosure on your credit report?

Answer A foreclosure on a property remains on your credit report for up to seven years after it is reported to the credit bureaus. However, the effect of the foreclosure on your credit score decreases ove... Read More »

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How long are repossession and foreclosure on a credit report?

Foreclosures and repossessions remain on your credit report for seven years, according to the Fair Isaac Corporation. However, as repossessions and foreclosures age, they will have a smaller impact... Read More »

How long does foreclosure stay on a credit report?

Homeowners should be aware of the negative impact that losing their home through a foreclosure will have on their credit record. Once the foreclosure process is completed, it remains on their credi... Read More »

How much does a foreclosure lower your credit report?

Nobody can say exactly how many points a foreclosure will lower your credit score, since other factors are taken into consideration, such as the payment history on other accounts. However, you can ... Read More »

How to Get a Foreclosure Removed From Your Credit Bureau Report?

Home loans vary in length, but one thing they each have in common is the necessity for repayment. If a homeowner fails to make his mortgage payments, the bank may take ownership of the home. This i... Read More »