How long is a flight from Boston to Paris?

Answer Traveling by airplane from Boston, Massachusetts, to Paris, France, will take about six hours and 53 minutes. This assumes the airplane will be traveling at a speed of 500 mph or 434 knots. The dis... Read More »

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How long is a flight from new york to paris?

The average flight time from New York to Paris is 7 hours 16 minutes. The flight time is from John F. Kennedy Airport to Charles de Gaulle Airport. The average flight time can vary by a few minutes... Read More »

How long is the flight from Boston to London?

Airline travel from Boston, Massachusetts to London, England, non-stop without any connections, will average six hours and 30 minutes. Flight times may be shorter in the winter months because of th... Read More »

How long is the flight from Hawaii to Boston?

A typical flight from Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii to Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, takes approximately 12-1/2 hours and will stop once in between the cities. A ... Read More »

How long is the flight from Paris, France to Miami, Florida?

The flight between Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France and Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida takes roughly ten hours. The flight, which travels southwest across the Atlantic Ocea... Read More »