Do people that lose their memory of the past after a car accident recover their memory How long?

Answer No, they dont recover their memory.

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Where do fishes go?

Is fishes correct grammar?

In most cases, the plural of "fish" is "fish"; however, "fishes" is a less common but still grammatically correct plural form. "Fishes" generally refers to different types or species of fish. For e... Read More »

How to Draw Tropical Fishes?

Tropical fishes are usually fishes that are brightly colored and found on tropical oceans and seas. If you have them at home as pets, why not learn also how to draw them and show them-off to your f... Read More »

Which is the freshest of the ocean fishes?

I'd say that you should politely decline the platter of ocean fishes. Instead, request that he present live ocean fishes in a tank of salt water at the appropriate salt level. Since they are aliv... Read More »