What Is the Difference Between Fiscal Year & Calendar Year for a Business?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service recognizes two types of tax years for businesses that are filing income tax returns: a calendar year and a fiscal year.

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What is the difference between fiscal year&calendar year for a business?

The two main accounting periods businesses use are the fiscal year and the calendar year. For owners of new businesses, choosing how to define their annual accounting period can have substantial ta... Read More »

What is a fiscal year-end statement?

A company's fiscal year is the 12-month period it uses to record its financial performance. At the end of the fiscal year, a company releases a statement on its finances.References:"Income Tax Regu... Read More »

When does the coast guard fiscal year end?

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How to Determine a Corporation's Fiscal Year End Date?

The IRS defines regular, full-length accounting periods as calendar year or fiscal year tax periods. The length of each is the same, but a fiscal year begins on any date during the year except Jan.... Read More »