How long is a double decker bus?

Answer Double-decker buses can measure up to 36 feet long. The famous red double-decker buses of London, known as Routemasters, are 27 feet 6 inches to 31 feet 6 inches long.Source:Double Decker BusRoutem... Read More »

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How big is a double-decker bus?

A double-decker bus is approximately 43 feet in length, 8.3 feet in width and 14 feet high. The bus can seat 78 people during a ride, which puts 32 people on the lower level and 46 on the upper lev... Read More »

How much does a double decker bus weigh?

Completely empty, a Routemaster double decker bus (the type used in London for public transportation) weighs seven tons, or 14,700 lbs. With a full load, a double decker bus weighs 11 tons, or 23,0... Read More »

How tall is a double decker bus?

The height of double decker buses varies slightly. The double decker bus used for a 2007 trial by the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency was 14 feet tall. Routemaster double deckers, used as to... Read More »

When was the double-decker bus invented?

The double-decker bus was designed during the years 1947 through 1956 by Douglas Scott and his team in London, England. It was released in February 1956.Source:London Transport