Design of a Decade: The '70s?

Answer Providing a professional reference is typically a requirement when applying for jobs or higher education, such as a graduate degree program. Professional references differ from personal references,... Read More »

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What decade was the"Me"generation?

According to Cengage Learning, the "Me" generation began in the 1970s. Journalist Tom Wolfe described the 1970s as the "Me" decade because of the change in attitudes from social and political justi... Read More »

When does the decade end?

Since there is no Year 0, the first year would be 1. So, for example, the full 10 years of this decade would end on December 31, 2010. The next decade would begin on January 1, 2011.Source:The Ledg... Read More »

Communication Devices in the Decade of the 1980s?

Exciting events happened throughout the 1980s. The Berlin Wall fell, Nintendo was invented, and Madonna invaded the new music channel MTV. With the widespread excitement and busy attitude of Americ... Read More »

Whats the best decade for music?

The 60s. Nothing before or since has been so innovative. But... I've a feeling that the music that is the most prevalent when your young is the music that a person always thinks of as the best, and... Read More »