What is the length of one cubit?

Answer There are two different measures for the cubit. The standard cubit is the length from the elbow to the end of the middle finger, which is approximately 20 inches. The lower forearm cubit measures f... Read More »

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What is the correct reindeer name Cupid or Cubit?

How long does it take to go into labor if you are 1cm with long cervix?

if you are 3 weeks pregnant, and your effaced 90% i'd say that you need to go get that checked out? 3 weeks prego means you have ur entire 9 months left to go!! if you go into labor soon, you proba... Read More »

What's a regular food item you haven't had to eat in a long long while.?

Stew, I'm going to make a pot of it today for tomorrows dinner, I can't wait to taste it. Stew always tastes nicer the next day..

How long do you have to be out of work to collect long term disability insurance?

Long term disability benefits may be a benefit of employment, or provided under an individual policy purchased by the insured. In either event, the terms of the benefit will be defined in the plan ... Read More »