How long is a car loan?

Answer A car loan can be as long as 84 months; however, it's not advisable to finance a car for more than 60 months. The average length for a car loan is 60 months. If you do choose to finance a car for m... Read More »

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Which loan is better: an auto loan or a signature loan?

On One Hand: Auto LoansWhen you are purchasing a car, you can use the car as collateral so that the loan becomes less risky for the lender, which means you get a lower interest rate. A lower intere... Read More »

How long to get my student loan check?

It usually comes a few weeks before the beginning of the semester.A good idea would be to ask to your shcool's financial aid office.

How long can I finance a consolidation loan?

A consolidation loan combines the balance from two or more debts into one loan. The length of time you can finance one of these depends on the lender and the terms of the loan. For instance, you ca... Read More »

How to Get a Long Term Personal Loan?

Individuals and households in many different types of situations may need to get a long-term personal loan to help balance finances and keep home or business activities funded. Some apply for these... Read More »