How long is a brillo good for?

Answer Brillo pads come in different qualities and sizes. Industrial steel wool Brillo pads are marketed for heavy-duty cleaning purposes. They are more durable than the commercial-grade products made wit... Read More »

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How to Not Have Brillo Hair?

If your dry or damaged hair resembles a steel-wool Brillo pad, you don't have to cut it all off. Moisturize your hair back to health and prevent further damage with the right deep conditioner and s... Read More »

Can You Use a Brillo Pad on Car Body Rust?

Brillo is a brand name for steel wool pads impregnated with a detergent material. They are typically used to remove stuck-on grease and food matter from pots and pans but are also highly useful for... Read More »

How to Treat Dry, Brillo Pad Hair?

Dry, frizzy hair is often caused by excessive styling using harsh chemicals or heat. Some medical conditions may also contribute, such as malnutrition, anorexia or an underactive thyroid. Sometimes... Read More »

How do you get brillo pad scratches off black countertops?

If you are talking formica counter tops try car polish or auto rubbing compound. You have a thin layer of colored plastic that is the same color all the way through over the top of particle board ... Read More »