How to Build a Bowling Lane?

Answer Building your own personal bowling lane is not as crazy as it sounds. Presidents, billionaires and movie stars have enjoyed this luxury, and you can too. A well-built lane can add value to your hom... Read More »

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How long are bowling lanes?

A regulation bowling lane, or alley, is 62 feet, 10 3/16 inches long from the foul line to the pit. However, an alley can be up to 62 feet, 10 11/16 inches long because of an allowable half-inch to... Read More »

What lane is considered the passing lane?

The passing lane on the highway is the outer lane, or lane closest to the median strip or opposing traffic. In the United States, the left lane is generally reserved for passing, although laws vary... Read More »

Do all bowling alleys have midnight bowling?

Though midnight bowling is popular at many bowling alleys, it is not available at all bowling alleys. Some centers close earlier than others. For example, the Sundance bowling alley in Minnesota cl... Read More »

What is an HOV lane?

Urban areas are constantly faced with the challenge of dealing with traffic. Metropolitan areas aim to reduce traffic both for convenience and environmental benefits.High Occupancy VehicleHOV stand... Read More »