How long is a Florida driver's license good for?

Answer Non-commercial Class E driver's licenses in Florida are valid for six years for drivers over 80 years of age and eight years for safe drivers under 80 years of age. The fee for a new license is $20... Read More »

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How long is an arizona drivers license good for?

In Arizona, a driver's license remains valid without expiring until a person turns 65 years of age, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Drivers must pose for a new driver's licen... Read More »

How long is a drivers permit good for in Florida?

In Florida, a driver's permit is known as a Florida Learner's License. A learner's license doesn't expire, but a driver who wants to take the test for a regular Florida driver's license must have h... Read More »

How do i get my drivers license at age 20 in florida?

Hello Justin,You have to start with reading the Handbook. When you are ready, go to the nearest DMV to take your vision and written tests (no appointment necessary) You can also practice online be... Read More »

Is a one year restricted license necessary for Florida drivers over 18?

Florida residents generally get unrestricted licenses if they get these licenses for the first time when they are 18 years old or older. They need to pass a vision test, a written test and a drivin... Read More »