I get 4L of white wine that lasts 3-4 nights. only 2 nights in over the past month i have not had any?

Answer any excessive alcohol consumption will have health implications if its prolonged. are you a social drinker or do you drink alone? if so you might want to look at why you are drinking so regularly a... Read More »

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Long-Term Effects of Working Nights?

Working night hours, or third shift, has its advantages. Typically, employees make more money, don't have to deal with rush hour traffic on their way into work and are free to schedule personal app... Read More »

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What nights is Big Brother on?

"Big Brother 12" premieres on Thursday, July 8 at 8 p.m. on CBS. Then, beginning Sunday, July 11, the reality series will be broadcast three nights weekly at 8 p.m. The other two nights will be Wed... Read More »

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