Are ports open all year long?

Answer yes according to whether in storm port will close

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How long can I leave sherry open?

Once opened, you should consume a bottle of fine sherry within two days. Stouter sherries and less expensive brands are good for approximately one week to 10 days. Once you break the seal, the sher... Read More »

How long is the average landfill open?

The time that a landfill is open varies depending on factors such as capacity and rate of filling. The University of Victoria, Canada, estimates an average of about 34 years. The American company A... Read More »

How long is an open can of ragu good for?

On One Hand: Not After Seven DaysThe Ragú website advocates not consuming any sauce if the container has been unsealed for seven days or more. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the expir... Read More »

How long can you keep a split AC open for?

I don't understand the meaning of "open" in your question.Maybe you mean "on"...You can leave the thing on for as long as you want to without hurting the AC system, but you may not like what it doe... Read More »