How long is Army boot camp& MOS?

Answer Basic Combat Training, also known as boot camp, lasts for nine weeks for new recruits in the U.S. Army. The amount of time for training for Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS, varies and depen... Read More »

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How long is us army boot camp?

Army Boot Camp, also known as Basic Combat Training (BCT), is a nine-week intensive program that mentally, physically and emotionally challenges participants to be an effective soldier in the Unite... Read More »

How to Train for Army Boot Camp?

United States Army RangersSo, you've made that critical decision: You're going to join the United States Army. However, you know you're not ready for boot camp, and you want to do your best on your... Read More »

What is an army boot camp?

A army bott camp is where everyone joinsthe army

What is boot camp like in the army?

One of the most intimidating experiences for anyone who's recently joined the armed forces is basic training, or boot camp. This grueling nine-week course shapes raw recruits into real soldiers.Boo... Read More »