How long is 5 centimeters?

Answer Five centimeters is also equal to 0.05 meters and 50 millimeters. Five centimeters also converts to 1.97 inches, 0.164 feet and 0.0547 yards. Since both systems are commonly used, most measuring de... Read More »

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How long is 18 centimeters?

18 centimeters is 7.086614166 inches long. The abbreviation for centimeters is "cm" and the abbreviation for inches is "in." Both are units of measurement. Centimeters are measured in metric length... Read More »

How long is 12 inches in centimeters?

To convert inches to centimeters, multiply the number of inches by the conversion factor of 2.54 to get the resulting centimeters. A conversion factor is the number of one measurement in relation t... Read More »

How long is 1 meter and 71 centimeters?

There are about 5.61 feet in 1 m, 71 cm. There are 100 cm per meter so 1 m and 71 cm equals 1.71 m. One foot equals 0.3048 m.References:Colorado State: Commonly Used Metric PrefixesWashington State... Read More »

How many centimeters long is a meter stick?

A meter stick is 100 centimeters in length. The prefix "centi-" means hundredth or 0.01. Therefore a centimeter equals a hundredth of a meter or 0.01 meter. The meter is used in the metric system o... Read More »