How long is 40 weeks?

Answer 40wks is 10mo!

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How long does an infant have to be hospitalized if born at 34 weeks but measuring three weeks too big?

Answer The answer is: it just depends. What exactly do you mean by "measuring three weeks too big." Belly measurement? Ultrasound estimation of weight/due date? Or do you mean the baby is already ... Read More »

If you are 34 weeks and 4cm 80 how long before you have your baby?

Answer From A Midwife If your cervix is really 4cm dilated (not sure what the 80 is) at 34 weeks you should be at the hospital as your baby could be born anytime and at 34 weeks your baby will be p... Read More »

How Long Does Hair Grow in 2 Weeks?

Long locks are often desired by many women, but how much does hair grow in two weeks? Often, people want their hair to grow quickly for variety of reasons. Maybe they are concerned about hair growt... Read More »

I'm getting braces in less than 2 weeks. How long do they hurt ?

Depends on what they do. Initially, your cheeks will be sore from the new brackets rubbing on them. Trust me, use the dental wax, it definately helps! Your teeth will hurt for a few days to a we... Read More »