How long is 40 weeks?

Answer 40wks is 10mo!

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How long does an infant have to be hospitalized if born at 34 weeks but measuring three weeks too big?

Answer The answer is: it just depends. What exactly do you mean by "measuring three weeks too big." Belly measurement? Ultrasound estimation of weight/due date? Or do you mean the baby is already ... Read More »

How long can a baby survive if its born in 30 weeks?

well that depends if put in intensive care it probably will survive if it has muscular it will lower the chances greatlly to about 70% of surviving and i had problems with my veins so it was a 50% ... Read More »

How Long Does Hair Grow in 2 Weeks?

Long locks are often desired by many women, but how much does hair grow in two weeks? Often, people want their hair to grow quickly for variety of reasons. Maybe they are concerned about hair growt... Read More »

How do I grow my hair as long as possible within 6 weeks?

Keep it healthy. Here are some ways. If you swim get ion swimmers shampoo and/or conditioner and/or leave in conditioner.(also are good if your at the beach or in the sun a lot) wash your hair foll... Read More »