How long have you waited in the ER?

Answer i completely agree with you!the ER is for emergencies ONLY!i think if it is not life or death can wait a few hours.let people complain all they want.its no suprise that the wait in the... Read More »

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I waited so long for this so why am I so nervous?

It's totally normal. You're more worried about you'll handle things with this baby, because you already know how hard one can be. You're probably more worried something will go wrong because it too... Read More »

We waited to long and my ear is swelling from ear infection and we can't get any plz?

You need to get help if your ear is swollen. Go to the local Health Department or an ER. They cannot refuse you treatment.

Has anyone else installed Windows Internet Explorer 8 and wondered why they've waited so long..?

I like the fastness....if only this site could pick up the speed a lil bit!

How old were you when you got your first tattoo And should you have waited?

I was 15, I dont regret it at all so no I dont think I should have waited.