How long can you apply for disability after not working?

Answer While the U.S. Social Security Administration recommends applying for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled, you can apply anytime afterwards as long as you remain disabled. You contin... Read More »

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How Long Can I Go Without Working Before My LPN License Becomes Inactive?

Licensed Practical Nurses, or LPNs, may take time off work for a number of reasons, including family obligations or hospital layoffs. If enough time passes, however, without accruing nursing experi... Read More »

How long have you been working with investment properties.?

That is a hard question to answer so i will give an example. Hope this will help: If a hairdresser has a waiting room full of people that come to have their haircut everymonth at this salon, then ... Read More »

How long has the Verizon"Hear me now"guy been working?

Actor Paul Marcarelli, who portrays the Test Man character in commercials for Verizon Wireless, has been appearing in the ads since 2002. He has also had acting roles since as early as 1997.Refere... Read More »

How to Go Working After a Long Drinking Night?

You'd been drinking and dancing all night because the party was so cool that you did not see time passing, and you get home very late and drunk.Now you have to go to work. Ouch!