How long have you been vegetarian?

Answer mmm been like five years trying to be vegetarian... i dont last more than a week and i usually drop out for a burger or something with a lot of cheese... i love cheese hehee *w*

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How long have you been a vegetarian for?

Vegetarian staple that doesn't go bad for long?

Peanut butter is not a Vegetarian staple... that woman (if a woman) can die in a sewer. Not to transition too swiftly. But what I notice about your question, and it is an oddity, is that you hesita... Read More »

How long is vegetarian chili good for in the fridge?

Vegetarians And Vegans! How old are you How long have you been Vegetarian/vegan How old do you look?

I'm 36 and I've been veg since I was 16. I've always been very healthy (yeah, even when I was a meat eater... my mom always made sure we ate well.) I'm almost always guessed younger than I really... Read More »