How long have you been a vegetarian for?

Answer One minute !!!!! >.

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How long have you been vegetarian?

mmm been like five years trying to be vegetarian... i dont last more than a week and i usually drop out for a burger or something with a lot of cheese... i love cheese hehee *w*

Vegetarians And Vegans! How old are you How long have you been Vegetarian/vegan How old do you look?

I'm 36 and I've been veg since I was 16. I've always been very healthy (yeah, even when I was a meat eater... my mom always made sure we ate well.) I'm almost always guessed younger than I really... Read More »

Funniest questions you have been asked ask a vegan/vegetarian?

for me, do you eat fish, its not a funny q, but it is perplexing,im a vege, so, no, i dotn eat fish,the fact that its even an option to ask a vegetarian confuses meim not a pescetarian, if i was, i... Read More »

I'm both a celiac and vegetarian and i have been experiencing some problems?

Okay, I'm not saying this is it, but you might want to check on something called 'rapid gastric emptying' or 'dumping syndrome.'… (you'll want to check t... Read More »