How long have women been in the military?

Answer In 1942 Congress created the Women's Army Corps, which allowed women to serve in the military. According to the Center for Defense Information, as of 1995, there were roughly 32,000 women serving i... Read More »

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How many US Military Ships have been named for Military Chaplains?

Depends on if you are in CONUS or OCONUS...CONUS...Dial 809-463-3376 you will receive a second dial tone. Then dial your full 1-800 number.OCONUS....Dial 94-800.... rest of the number. Note: this w... Read More »

How many Americans have been in the military?

The US Marine Corps uses that date, which is when the Continental Marines were created.

How many shootings have there been on us military bases?

You don't. The military does not furnish anyone any personal information. Try facebook or other similar sites.

Can military women with joint custody move when they are ordered to or do they have to have permission from the father in Texas?

Answer The court takes a somewhat different view of military personnel than it does civilians. If the person is the primary custodian (meaning the children reside with them the majority of the time... Read More »