How long have hybrid cars been on the market?

Answer Toyota introduced the first hybrid gas-electric vehicle, the Prius, to the Japanese market in 1997. Honda offered the first hybrid to the American market in 1999.Source:Encyclopedia Brittanica

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Conditions of Demand That Can Cause the Shift in Market Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid cars, which combine normal internal combustion engines with electrical motors, have been growing in popularity because they get better gas mileage and produce fewer greenhouse gases. Hybrid ... Read More »

How long have Twinkies been on the market?

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How long have bottom freezers been on the market?

Refrigerators with a bottom freezer have been on the market since 1957 when the Amana brand (now owned by Whirlpool) manufactured the first bottom freezer, according to Monica Teague, senior public... Read More »

Do hybrid cars have to go through emissions?

Each state sets its own requirement for vehicle emissions testing. For example, in California most vehicles must go through smog inspections, but hybrids are exempt from the testing. Your state's d... Read More »