How long have Arbor guitars been made?

Answer Arbor has been manufacturing guitars since 1983. Although some vague sources claim the company was founded in 1984, there are vintage catalogs available dating back to 1983. As of 2010, the company... Read More »

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Where are Seagull guitars made?

Seagull guitars are made in the small village of La Patrie, Quebec, Canada. Robert Godin opened the firm there in 1982. Now, about 50 percent of the village's population are guitar-makers.Referenc... Read More »

Are Gretsch guitars made in the USA?

While founded by a German immigrant, Gretsch Guitars were manufactured in the United States through most of the company's history. However, a small number of instruments were assembled in Japan dur... Read More »

Where are epiphone guitars made?

In October 2002, Epiphone Musical Instruments opened a new factory near Qingdao, China, solely for the manufacturing of Epiphone guitars. In addition, the company manufactures guitars in Nashville ... Read More »

What are Jay Turser guitars made of?

Jay Turser guitars come in a variety of designs, and they are made of various materials and finishes. For example, the bodies of the most popular electric guitars are made from high quality rosewoo... Read More »