How to Make a "Paramore Is a Band" Shirt?

Answer Have you ever seen those kids at school wearing shirts that simply say "Paramore Is A Band?" Or, have you seen the Paramore girl herself, Hayley Williams, sporting it? The steps are very simple on ... Read More »

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How to Survive a Long Band Rehearsal?

The few days or weeks leading up to a big performance can be exciting, but they also tend to entail several-hour band practices. Sitting in a puddle of your own spit, trying to play with a broken r... Read More »

How long do you wait to get pregnant after a lap band?

On One Hand: Your Body Needs Time to HealIf you've just had lap band surgery, it's best to wait about a year before getting pregnant, according to sources like LapBand MD. This will give your body ... Read More »

How to Best Set Up a Band in a Long Practice Space?

When you're in a band---especially one that is just starting out---you may not have vast financial resources. Finding a practice space that is easy on the wallet is of utmost importance. One common... Read More »

How long does it take to get approved and scheduled for lap band surgery?

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