How long finish people have braces ?

Answer It's different for everyone because everyone has different situations. I recommend the next time you go in for a tightening, you should just ask about when your braces would be taken off at the cur... Read More »

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How long do most people have to wear braces?

The average person wears braces for two years, according to Kids Health. However you might have to wear them for a shorter period for less severe crowding/crookedness or longer for more complicated... Read More »

Do people that have braces have to worry more about stds?

actually yes, braces usually lead to small cuts in mouth, which during oral sex, has many opening for stds to enter.

Can people who have seizures, have braces?

Yes, you can get braces.Btw, Keppra causes twitching.

What do you think when you see people who have braces?

I have braces too. No one notices them. Some people who I have known for awhile are like, "You have braces?!" I don't know why... them being clear probably helps. But, no, it's not geeky or ugly - ... Read More »