How long exactly is as long as possible?

Answer 5 minutes should be fine and yes, I agree that is a pretty poor instruction.

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What is 'long shutter' Does every camera have it How exactly do you use it?

The shutter is the thing that opens up to allow light to hit the film or digital sensor. Long shutter means that the shutter will be open for a while, and thus let lots of light in. This is useful ... Read More »

How can i make it so that a photodiode reads a barcode and it knows exactly how long each black and white?

There are web sites with the specifications and programming necessary to do what you are attempting. Have you tried doing a Google search to obtain this information..

What exactly does Lililf plan on doing in the bathroom for so long that she needs to install a laptop shelf?

She needs a place to put that special mirror she uses for her rectal grooming.

How long does food take to digest and what does it mean exactly?

Alright Joe, fat takes the longest to digest. Sometimes up to 4-6 hours. Proteins are next. I'm talking about proteins from meat and stuff. They take roughtly 3-4 hours to fully digest. NOTE: whey ... Read More »